You Have To Want A Dream More Than Safety

by mdiehl on September 12, 2012

It isn’t often that the Interviewer (me) is interviewed. This time, I’m the one answering questions. And my answers may surprise you.

The title of this post is a quote — from me — in our conversation. It says out-loud-in-print what not many people would tell someone — especially a woman — who wants to live and work independently on a passion. But it’s true. And in talking about it, I told my own truth.

Which we often don’t do in our lives.

Yota Schneider is a Seasons of Change certified Master Coach and a mindfulness meditation practitioner who lives in Connecticut. Through her blog on her marvelous website Open For Success, she publishes a newsletter that includes the feature “Meaningful Conversations” – an interview with someone she feels her readers would be interested in — and this time, that’s me.

Yota and I “met” on Twitter and got to know each other better via Facebook. This is the wonderful benefit of social media today. We share things sometimes profound, sometimes fun and trivial — sometimes just the precious gift of our daily lives and our families.

When Yota — who was born in Greece (one of my favorite countries) — asked me to be a part of her Meaningful Conversations — I was honored. And excited!

Our topic is Change and how to navigate it with grace, humor and strength. And — hey! Look what this blog is called. Do I fit the subject or what?!

Yota titled the conversation “Finding Our Way Through the Maze.”

One of the best parts about participating in this interview/conversation was having questions put to me that demanded that I take some time and really think.

Recently I re-posted The Only Way Out Is Through from this blog. Yota noted that the post is from over two years ago — and asked how Part 2 of that post might read today.

I think this conversation — in 2 parts — might just be the answer.

Read it and see what you think. How have you navigated the maze of change and transition? What story do you have to tell? Leave a comment and let us know!

Yota and I both believe everyone has a story that’s worth listening to.

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Yota Schneider September 12, 2012 at 6:50 pm

Dear Marci,
I do love our dance, don’t you? Your perspective, the way you tell a story, your big heart . . . all right here for everyone to see and appreciate.
Thank you for being a friend and for sharing your story with me.
It seems you’ve been finding your way through the maze with grace and eloquence. It so happened we crossed paths and for this I’m grateful.
It’s a gift when we meet members of our tribe along the way – people who understand the workings of the “maze.”
Did I mention how much I love the picture you chose for your entry? It reminds me of the Mines of Moria. How wonderful!!
Onwards then!


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