3 Reasons to Love InstaGolf Shoes

by mdiehl on June 15, 2012

InstaGolf Shoes - Instant love

Today is National Flip-Flop Day, according to someone on Facebook. They put a picture up of “golf flip flops” (unofficial) – I think they might have had artificial turf for the footbed. No way, I said to myself. I would never wear flip-flops on a golf course. Not when I have one of the most brilliant golf inventions of our age: InstaGolf shoes.

Footing has always been important to me, and it’s even more important to me now. Nine years ago I had a total knee replacement and my orthopaedic surgeon put the fear of god in me about ever falling down.

So I’ve become dainty when it comes to walking on snow and ice. I take shorter steps, avoid the ice especially and in general have become a total wuss about traversing the wintery landscape. “Traction” became my mantra.

Then one day — thanks to Twitter, I saw a You Tube video made by a company called 32North. They were demonstrating Stabilicers — ice cleats you can stretch on over your shoes or boots, which will absolutely not allow you to slide on a sheet of ice.

I needed them! I’d seen them in an LL Bean Catalog. And through the magic of social media, 32North found out and sent me a pair to try out.

— [ I love you, 32North.] —-

One day I went to get my mail, and there was a package for me. Inside was a (handwritten — how many companies do that now? So personal) note from Heather of 32North, explaining that she was sending me a pair of InstaGolf shoes to try out. Since she knew we were “a golf family” she hoped I’d give them a try and tell them what I thought.

I don’t even play golf and I was excited. InstaGolf Shoes were created by businessman, developer, golf travel guy and former firefighter Rick Hetzel, who saw the quality of Stabilcers and worked with 32North to modify their patent to create a lightweight, portable, high-tech golf cleat that can be worn over any shoe to use on the golf course. Here’s Rick’s video. Nice.

Brilliant! I couldn’t wait to tell my sons about them. I took my pair over to my son Matt’s house. He was blown away. He’s all about business and loves to watch the show Shark Tank.

“They should go on Shark Tank with these!” he said. But they’d already been to the 2011 PGA Expo in Las Vegas and won Top New Innovative Product, and the accolades were rolling in. “Damn, I wish I’d thought of this!” Matt said. I’m pretty sure that statement has been echoed allover the country.

Now all 4 of my sons — and my daughter-in-law Trina — are going to try them out and give their thoughts. But that’s later.

Right now, I have my own Reasons to Love InstaGolf Shoes:

#1: They fit over any shoe

For those of us with foot problems (between my knee history and post-high-heel-days, I have to wear “healthy” shoes or I’m in agony) — these stretch over whatever shoe is comfortable. For me, that’s my sneakers. Recently I was helping out at a putting contest during a business event and I brought my InstaGolf shoes to wear on my sneakers. I felt quite official. And for the first time IN MY LIFE, I was coaxed into actually trying to putt. And I didn’t do too badly. I had no idea what I was doing, but I looked like I did. Most important, my feet felt happy.

Got a young golfer whose feet are growing every 5 minutes? These are a reasonable alternative to buying golf shoes — and they stretch.

Flip flops are Ok if you're on a minature golf course... not a real one

#2 They take up very little room – so you can take them anywhere.

Rick Hetzel was writing a book about travel tips and packing when he dreamed up a solution to having to pack heavy, bulky golf shoes for overseas flights to Ireland. They’re lightweight but super strong, and can fold up to be packed. That means you can take them anywhere. They can fit in a carry-on or in a golf bag. You can keep a pair in your trunk. Heck, you can fit them in a medium-size purse (I did, for the meeting). You don’t have to worry about not having your golf shoes with you, or renting a pair, or buying a pair when you’ve forgotten yours.

#3 Where were these when I was following TJ at Tour tournaments? (#Traction)

OK, so I don’t worry about not having golf shoes. I haven’t had a pair of golf shoes since TJ played in his first Masters circa 1975. I got blisters from them and from then on, for 10 years, I wore sneakers. What’s wrong with that, you ask?

Well, the weather isn’t all sunshine and roses out on these courses during the tournaments, and the courses could get slippery for those of us behind the ropes. Factor in driving rains, thousands of spectators tramping on grass, walkways turning to mud, and attempting to stand on slanted elevations around the course to see the action, and you have a recipe for slipping and falling with regular shoes. (We won’t go into the women who try to walk a golf course in heels and fancy flip flops. That’s another story.)

I think that’s my favorite reason: They’re versatile. Use them at tournaments, to follow. Some of the Tour guys are buying pairs for their caddies. But if you have to be anywhere where there is wet, slippery ground, these will work for safety. Landscapers are discovering them. You can probably think of other reasons and ways they’d come in handy.

Oh, and if you’re wondering — this is not a paid endorsement. I’m reviewing the InstaGolf Shoes because I truly am excited about them. And I’m looking forward to getting out on a course with my guys to see what they think.

That’s what happens when your boys turn to men — Mom isn’t usually asked out on a golf date. But dangle a cool new golf product in front of them, and you’re one of the gang.

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